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Web Design is about

  • Establishing Brand Identity
  • Conveying Your Marketing Message
  • Capturing Important Analytics
  • Simplifying Site Management


Website Design is the creation of a sitewide look and feel that accomplishes the goal of your brand strategy.  Website development is working with website code to turn that design into reality.  When creating a website, one must first establish the goals of the site (strategy), refine the message you want to convey (branding).  The web designer then conceives a rich experience that accomplishes those objectives in a way that evokes an emotional connection with your brand and the web developer makes that conception a reality and builds in the features that turn the site from a headache to an asset.


Don’t think that because you hired a web designer that you will get a beautifully crafted website one week later.  Turning a website into a masterpiece is a team effort that can take a great deal of upfront time and continual revisions.  A great website is built out of a solid business strategy, is in line with the marketing message, has beautiful graphics, an evocative design, and is built on a simple to manage interface.  With Think BIG the whole team works together to build your website. That means mentorship on best practices, unlimited revisions, support at every level.  You won’t find that anywhere else!


Think BIG was founded in 2008 with a focus on beautiful web design and SEOSearch engine optimization needs a highly functional and well designed site to reach its full potential.  In 2018, Think BIG launched their new platform for pod marketing where you can work directly with a web developer as part of your team of dedicated specialists and we applied the fundamentals of the sharing economy to make full service marketing attainable for every business, whether you are a small business or more.  With this change, web design and development has never been more accessible.  Think big is not so much a web design company so much as we are a full service marketing company where web development is one piece of the overall program we execute.  However, web development is so important to every company that website design is a core service offered to every member of a pod.  Our mission is to build the best website for your brand.  The team is lead by Justin Hoopes; a veteran of e-commerce who has personally run several successful online businesses and has added his wealth of knowledge to the unique web design experiences of everyone on the team. The philosophy of every Think BIG pod is to be a hive of industry.  Busy bees always looking for the best way to help businesses get the maximum return on their investment through beautiful web design and so much more.


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The monthly cost of Pod membership is based on the number of clients the pod serves and the number of specialists in the post.  More specialized pods serve fewer business.  

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