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Web Design is about:

  • Establishing Brand Identity
  • Conveying Your Marketing Message
  • Capturing Important Analytics
  • Simplifying Site Management
  • Creating Conversion Opportunities 

The development and design teams at ThinkBig Sites have created a variety of website designs in a wide range of fields. The collection of websites represent a combination of creativity, technical aspects, and performance that allows for improved performance. ThinkBig Sites has incorporated a process that allows the clients to provide input and feedback related to the creative process. Our goal it to be transparent about the steps and generate improved results. Please review the collection of website and reach out if there are any questions.

Website Design for Texas Australian Labradoodles

The website design project included a full rebrand and build for the website. The client needed a website that was going to be targeted and focused on the labradoodle puppies. The branding included a new logo and colors that would incorporate good visuals for the website. Overall, the website continues to perform very well for the puppies and the puppy breeder.

Website Design for Warren S. Dank

This website was a more unique approach with the client. The client has been a legacy account for over seven years. During the summer, there was a great opportunity to focus on the website for a rebuild. This project was truly a collaborative project with the client and additional marketing input. The final design represents a classic appearance with credibility for the colors and professional presentation. 

Website Design for Asante Dental

The project for Asante Dental was unique due to different locations for the practice. Asante Dental wanted to maintain a presence in both Westminister and Vancouver as two practices. There are additional factors the client wanted us to maintain related to the two locations. As a result, the impact to the website has been the ability to use keywords combined with the two different locations. In addition, we can feature the doctors at both locations.

Web Design for Entrusted

ThinkBig has been working with Entrusted for a number of years related to their website and social media. We have supported two full website designs with a unique design for both websites. Fortunately, the company has been very successful with many leads and contact forms delivered from the website. In addition, this design focused on a different approach for the mobile version to have a decision tree as the primary start to the introduction: Do You Have a Water Emergency: Yes No – and the potential client gets options for the next steps with the website. 

Web Design for Belize Guide Co

This was a great international project focused on travel and tourism in Belize. The services are fishing and sightseeing tours in Belize with an emphasis on supporting local. Belize Guide Co. does their card processing in the U.S.A. for security and confidence for visitors to the website. There is a variety of unique and custom coding for the various versions of the tours and passengers. Once you are able to visit Belize, check out the Belize Guide Co.

Web Design for A Caring Approach

This client required a new logo, branding, and layout for their website. The intent was to create a soft feeling and powerful representation in various settings. Counseling requires understanding and provides support in a variety of settings and experiences. The client was very engaged with the design and images that were selected for the website like couple, singles, and wellness. Also, this site incorporated another language.  

Web Design for Anderson Auto Body & Paint

The design was slightly unusual due to the time requirement for the build. This was a previous package at another website company that required membership to keep the design and content. This is a practice at some website design companies to try and keep clients bound to their company. At ThinkBig, we approach the client with customer service and earn the long-term engagement based on continued performance. This was a great project and quick build in four to six weeks.

Website Design for Gramicci

ThinkBig has been very fortunate to gain the trust of such a great company like Gramicci. We continue to support this client with large redesign projects and product launches for spring and fall retail seasons. The updates include a full review and post of the products for the new launch. In addition, we take great care in reviewing the product details and incorporating SEO techniques for improved exposure and performance. This site is very high performing and should continue to be for the next clothing retail launches. 

Web Design for Season in Our Life

Seasons in Our Life is a design that required a variety of alternate applications for health. There was a large amount of information based on the therapies and lots of on-page content. The design required carefully placed images that were visually pleasing and allowed the text to flow without too much distraction. Additional elements with a parallax effect and different animations helped to give motion to the pages. 

Web Design for Utah Home Remodel Experts

This project involved a local marketing strategy to feature home remodel projects for the Salt Lake City area. The client preferred to feature projects that he had completed at various client’s homes. There are some great aspects and features for images with a before and after effect that allows the website visitor to scroll left or right to view the before and after of the large deck project. Also, the form is designed with tier pricing to help identify the serious clients looking to schedule a home remodel project.   

Web Design for Country Oaks Assisted Living of Layton

The website design project was for a local assisted living company in Layton, Utah. Country Oaks Assisted Living is a  smaller facility that can provide custom service for their residents. There are approximately 13 rooms, and the home type of environment provides comfort for the residents. The website was a great project with a full branding for the company including website and logo design.  

Web Design for Demetz Online Personal Training

This website design required new branding elements that included a new logo and colors. The logo was created to have nice red and black colors to create a clear visual for the client and visitors. The branding colors continued with the design layout on the website. There was a unique use of a blue gradient for the images and new icons with the matching red color from the logo to give the standout visual throughout the website. The design included a full review for the responsive elements on various devices.  

Web Design for Black Rock Bikes USA

Black Rock Bikes is an electronic bike company that sells e-bikes online. The client wanted to have a nice website with the ability to scale up related to more e-bike brands and products. This website incorporated excellent use of customer images of e-bikes on the beach and being used by riders. Also, there is a great video element that is supported on the website for a nice motion and engagement for the visitors to the website. 

Web Design for 360 World Snacks

The 360 World Snacks website was a great project that incorporated the design elements for an e-commerce website with an international flavor. The snacks are various recipes from locations around the world. The goal for the website was to create visual elements that would be interesting and portray the delicious snacks. Also, the site has the ability to scale up and add products to provide many more snack options.  

Web Design for Amber Lyn Chocholates

The Amber Lyn Chocolates website was a new design to enhance the products and feature great images to create a WOW factor. The creative team at ThinkBig used new product photographs to feature the various types of chocolates. Also, the design of the website incorporated the e-commerce aspect to create ease of shopping and purchasing on the website. The products are quickly featured and can be added to the cart from a variety of product pages. 

Web Design for Bath Planet

Bath Planet SLC is a company providing bathroom remodels quickly and at a reasonable price. Most bathroom and shower updates take one to two days. The website incorporated local search factors designed to rank and perform well for bathroom remodels. There are elements for the website that display images for projects with the ability to continue adding new projects for specific areas, leading to improved rankings.

Web Design for Bear Creek Roofing

The Bear Creek Roofing website project required a refreshed and modern design including branding design elements for the company.  The layout is easy to navigate and includes many custom pages for the roofing project capabilities. Many images are roofing projects that have been completed by Berar Creek Roofing in Northern Utah. The website includes a contact form and an estimate form that would allow for the identification of new roofing projects.   

Web Design for Hex N Haven

The Hex N Haven website was designed for a local entrepreneur that is expanding a passion for crystals, jewelry, and more. The website includes a payment processing option that will be able to expand with the growth of the company. There was a hosting option that included the SSL certificate allowing for stability and adhering to the ever-changing security requirements.  

Web Design for Fernwood Candy

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Web Design for Total Home Service of Utah

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Website Design is the creation of a sitewide look and feel that accomplishes the goal of your brand strategy. Website development is working with website code to turn that design into reality. When creating a website, one must first establish the goals of the site (strategy) and refine the message you want to convey (branding). The web designer then conceives a rich experience that accomplishes those objectives in a way that evokes an emotional connection with your brand, and the web developer makes those ideas a reality and builds in the features that turn the site from a headache to an asset.

What Makes Our Web Design Service Unique?

Don’t think that because you hired a web designer that you will get a beautifully crafted website one week later. Turning a website into a masterpiece is a team effort that can take a great deal of upfront time and continual revisions. A great website is built out of a solid business strategy, is in line with the marketing message, has beautiful graphics, an evocative design, and is built on a simple-to-manage interface. With ThinkBig, the whole team works together to build your website. That means we offer mentorship on the best practices, unlimited revisions, and support at every level. You won’t find that anywhere else!


ThinkBig was founded in 2008 with a focus on beautiful web design and SEOSearch engine optimization needs a highly functional and well-designed site to reach its full potential.  In 2018, ThinkBig launched their new platform for POD marketing where you can work directly with a web developer as part of your team of dedicated specialists. In this program, we apply the fundamentals of the sharing economy to make full-service marketing attainable for every business, whether you are a small business or larger. With this change, web design and development have never been more accessible. ThinkBig is not so much a web design company so much as we are a full-service marketing company where web development is one piece of the overall program we execute. However, web development is so important to every company that website design is a core service offered to every member of a POD. Our mission is to build the best website for your brand. The team is led by Justin Hoopes, a veteran of e-commerce who has personally run several successful online businesses and has added his wealth of knowledge to the unique web design experiences of everyone on the team. The philosophy of every ThinkBig POD is to be a hive of industry. Busy bees always looking for the best way to help businesses get the maximum return on their investment through beautiful web design and so much more.

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