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We can find, remove, and prevent viruses.

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When your site is infected, every minute counts. Viruses can redirect visitors to malicious sites that steal their information or infect their personal computer. And the sad thing is it will originate from your website! Google may also mark your site unsafe. What is there to do? Call us! We’ll take care of everything.


We have the tools and know-how to find and stop the virus without damaging your site. 


We give your site a thorough inspection to identify the origin of the infection and determine the next course of action.


We scan your site from the inside out to find traces of the virus and stop them from spreading elsewhere on your server. We also learn what the virus is designed to do.


After removing the virus, we update all software and core systems running on your site to ensure it is patched for security. This is normally part of our maintenance process. Learn More.


We keep an eye on your site including malicous traffic and spam comments to ensure your site is not being targetted again. We’ll monitor your site for 30 days.

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