enrolling today can help stop the threat.

However, if your site has already been compromised, there’s hope. We can remove the problem.


Your site isn’t safe.

prevent the threat, or fix the mess.

You can’t afford not to protect your site. We know how precious your WordPress website is. Let professionals maintain it for you. Whether you need a little coverage or a lot. We know every byte of WordPress so you don’t have to. We cover all aspects of WordPress maintenance to ensure security, performance, and efficiency.


We keep your site running smooth like a German sports car. 


We give your site a white glove inspection to identify any possible threats and vulnerabilities in your site. Learn More.


We remove and replace unneeded plugins and themes to ensure your site is running efficiently, while also directly optimizing your images. Learn More.


We keep an eye on your site including malicous traffic and spam comments to ensure your site is not being targetted by an attack.  What happens if you are attacked?


We update all software and core systems running on your site regularly to ensure it is patched for security and performance. Learn More.

Ala Carte Services

Yes, you can also buy one-time services to give us a try.

virus removal

Hey, $#!% happens. But it doesn’t have to. We’ll find the virus, quarantine it, remove it, and give you a FREE month of our anti-viral security service. Learn more…

Image Optimization

We’ll run your images through our state-of-the art compression system to ensure your site loads as quickly as possible without being weighed down by image loading time.

Security Audit

Want to check your site for vulnerabilities, but deal with them on your own? No problem. Our team will look into your site and provide a detailed report of findings you can’t scan for.


 If not, it’s NOT TOO LATE to GET COVERED.

 Contact us today for a free consultation, and we’ll arm you with the education and tools you need to be safe.

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