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Grow your local traffic. Although it sounds a little overwhelming, hyper-geo-targeting simply takes into consideration the physical area where you do business, and specifically markets to those areas. We stage geo-fences around you, and develop a strategy for increasing your exposure. Let’s face it, if you’re a dentist in San Diego, you won’t need calls from Mississippi.

WHAT IS The LOCAL SEO process?

Yes, we can handle everything.


We evaluate your business, your brand, and your scope of services. Learn more...


Our team launches a spy operation on your competition to determine your market position. Learn more...


Taking into consideration the data we collected, with your input, we agree on the deliverables. Learn more...


Consistent, monthly actions that contribute to your overall marketing success. Learn more...

A la Carte Services

Yes, you can also order it piece by piece.

Local Citations

Accurate local listings are increasingly more important when trying to gain exposure locally. We start with an accuracy report to fix what you have, and then we start adding to it.


Regardless of what you do, gaining reputation online and growing your "authority" is dependant upon the backlinks you score along the way. We have solutions for that.


Content really is king. Optimized content not only places relevant keywords on your site and creates a link web, it also freshens the site and ensures you never appear to be stagnant. 

Web Maintenance

With increasing online security risks, and the new mechanisms that are used to compromise a site, ensuring your site is locked down plays a big part in site performance.

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