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Understanding our clients and their goals

Growing your organic traffic in and of itself is not enough to grow your business. Without a clear marketing initiataive and strategy for reaching out to your target demographic, the conversion numbers will remain static. In order to overcome the marketing barriers, we pose a few pivotal questions that are necessary for success.

  • Who is your ideal client or customer?
  • What services or products produce the higest revenue?
  • Who is the competition targeting?
  • What successes have you had in your marketing strategy?
  • What failures have you had in your marketing strategy?
  • What is the market saturation for your business?


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on site optimization

starting with the basics

Regardless of the business classification you fall under, your website stands as the public face of your company. The goal of any site should be to provide the answers and solutions to the questions your target demographic are asking. They should be able to find those answers in a fast and efficient manner. Having a plethora of pages doesn’t necessairly mean you have a successful website, adversly it may create confusion. It is possible that during the process, we will determine the necessity of a new website, or platform change. So here are a few elements we cover:











Good SEO companies won’t only focus on what you are currently ranked for, but will take into consideration opportunities that may have been overlooked and could produce more traffic in a shorter duration of time. Because not all keywords are treated equally, the research of the keywords will include:

  • Relevance
  • Search Volume
  • Competition Variables
  • Potential ROI
  • Keyword Efficiency Index

Once this process is completed and agreed upon, we go through the process of aligning the keywords with the URLs they correspond to.

webmaster & Analytics

how you’re seen, and how your users behave

Google Webmaster Tools Analysis– Reviewing the current status in Google Webmaster Tools as well as historical data may bring opportunities to light, as well as any aspect that may compromise the performance of the site (such as a manual penalty).

Google Analytics Analysis– Reviewing performance though Google Analytics or other analytics tools may unveil negative or positive trends that can be played up or mitigated to increase traffic and performance. Factors taken into consideration: Traffic, Bounce Rate, Time on Site, Traffic Funnel, Source/Medium, Technology…etc.

ongoing processes

Where the work yeilds results

link building

Similar to content, links act as a mechanism to check the pulse on your website. If Google can see that active link creation is taking place, it acts like a green light for the search engines to display your site to the consumer, and diminishes the likelihood that the end user will be taken to a site that is no longer relevant or live. In addition to the pulse-o-meter, links act as a reference to your website, similar to a business reference. Essentially, the website hosting the link is saying, I trust this site, and you should too. But remember, not all links (or business references) are created equally. If your mother were to call and refer you for a position 4 times, that carries less weight than if the president of the United States, the Governor of California, and Bill Gates called to speak praises. SEO firms who claim to establish thousands of links are essentially saying they will take whatever they can get, with little regard to quality. Building links is a process, that requires strategy and end game. As part of the ongoing process, research and time are put into negotiating the reference from one business owner to another. This is a conversation and an agreement. Once these relationships are established, it will be reflected in your Domain Authority (an important term we can discuss in depth if you’d like). Ultimately, it’s the amount of trust and authority you have been given, on a scale between 1-100. The higher your Domain Authority, the more likely you are to surface and stay at the top of the search engine results pages. *Happy bonus, contributing to this on a consistent basis also increases the value of your website as a whole and is seen as intellectual property contribution. This factor is taken into consideration if you are ever to sell the company or domain.

content contribution

Each site, without limitation, should be contributing fresh  unique content to their site on a regular basis. Although this may seem like an auxiliary action, the logic is solid. In order to rank for keywords, the keywords need to be on the website. When content is contributed, you expand your available keyword pool of options. Using optimized content (proper keyword placement, internal link structure, meta tag titles and descriptions, schema markup, etc.) you will dramatically increase the bandwidth of the website, improve your authority, and have more of an offering for your target demographic to choose from. This content also acts as a resource that increases the likelihood that you will be seen as the active authority by not only Google but your consumer base.

Social Media

 As one of the most haughtily debated topics in the SEO world, Social Media contribution can be seen as non-contributory to organic listings. This is true. Facebook and Twitter move so rapidly that the indexing process is more of a “snapshot” rather than a repository of information. A post generated on Facebook is visible in a users feed for no longer than 15 minutes, and Twitter, the average time is 4 minutes. Couple this with the “marketing curve” that renders your post visible to only 8% of your followers and it may seem as though placing your efforts for branding into the ocean of gym selfies and food pictures is a thoughtless waste of time. However, this is where we are forced to grit our teeth and bare the truth. There are over 9 million people who use social media on a daily basis. Those nine million people are actively shopping on social media for solutions to meet their needs, and in order to be a player in that realm, it’s imperative that you’re active and relevant. Using Social Media allows for immediate distribution of product updates, sales, business updates, and personal interaction with your customers and loyal followers. The recommendation and notoriety of a brand can be impacted deeply with the proper utilization of branded messaging via social media.

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