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pay per click

Instant gratification marketing

Make your dollars count. Our job isn’t to spend your money with reckless abandon. Our job is to manage your spend daily, and establish the highest, most predictable, return on your investment. Our focus, as with all services, is to generate targeted traffic that converts to sales. We know that waiting for organic listings to populate isn’t always an option, and being visible is more important than ever.

WHAT SEM services do we offer?

Need more, let us know, we likely do that also.

Google Adwords

We take the world’s largest search engine, and make it our art board, proudly displaying your company’s name, in prime positions, within ideal spend limits.

Retargeting Ads

Want to make sure those who visit your site don’t forget you and move on? Retargeting ads allow for you to follow your potential leads to the point of conversion.

facebook ads

Social Media marketing is rapidly growing in popularity and viability. Using Facebook’s propriatary platform, we develop custom campaigns that perform.

media kits

In order to have a successful campaign, you must have professional ads. We custom build each campaign to fit specificity and tone for our clients.


combine the services*

SEO Meets PPC – Historically, you only needed to be the highest bidder on pay-per-click to have the highest website ranking. Because the search engines have recently incorporated quality score, page relevance, quality and loading time now result in better Pay-per-click performance. Google rewards relevance, and our SEO and PPC campaigns work in conjunction to build relevance for your website under your targeted keyword searches.



*Discounts are offered to our clients who utilize more than one service under our umbrella.

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