Graphic Design & Video

  • Infographics and Videography on Site
  • Site Banners and Visual Ads
  • Flyers and Postcards
  • Product Shots
  • Branding

Client Video and Edits 

The video asset is provided by the client. Our team will take that video and configure it for a good visual layout to better represent the branding and products. This example is based on both portrait and landscape layouts.

Stock Video and Edits

Our video group has access to hundreds of stock videos that can be adjusted for the client. This example is based on three different videos that were combined to deliver a particular message for the client. This client was looking to represent a professional firm based in New York City. 

Enhanced Branding for Video

This project involved a professional video that would benefit from additional branding to the video. Our team incorporated infographics including animation to present a nice transition to the start of the video. In addition, the branding elements of the company logo were incorporated into the beginning and end of the video. 


Our world is more visual than it has ever been. Well-designed visuals are the single best way to convey your message with video being especially important. Did you know that 96% of your message is retained from video vs text? Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster, experience 157% increase in organic traffic, and increase conversions by greater than 80%.

What Makes Our Graphic Design & Video Service Unique?

Branded video content on Facebook has increased 258% in the last year alone. If you are not one of those brands, then your presence has been diluted that much in the same time. Graphic and video design is essential to remaining relevant in the modern world. ThinkBig believes every business should embrace video and graphics and includes a video/graphic designer as a core resource in every POD. That way you can always be adding more videos and graphics onto your sites, your emails, your store, or wherever your customers may be.


ThinkBig started in 2008, and then re-launched in 2018 under a whole new paradigm. The new paradigm includes marketing and launching the new platform for POD marketing where services, such as videography and graphic design, are now available to every member of a POD. We then applied the fundamentals of the sharing economy to make full service marking attainable for every business, whether marketing a small business or bigger. In the 10 years before the paradigm shift, one of the biggest challenges we ran into was clients needing to upgrade the experience on their site with better graphics, video, layouts, etc., but the services were always too costly for most clients. With the POD system, graphic design is now available to every ThinkBig POD member at no extra cost. Our team is led by Justin Hoopes, a veteran of e-commerce who has personally run several successful online businesses and has added his wealth of knowledge to the unique design experiences of everyone on the team. The philosophy of every ThinkBig POD is to be a hive of industry. Busy bees always looking for the best way to help brands shine which now includes top tier graphic design and videography.

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