Business Strategy

Business Strategy Is About:

  • Having the Right People in the Right Positions
  • Keeping Infrastructure Costs Down
  • Standardizing Protocols and Procedures
  • Building a Company That Does Not Rely on the Owner for EVERYTHING!


Business Strategy is the foundation of a good business. One of the biggest pitfalls that takes down so many companies is excessive fixed expenses. Until a business has predictable cash flow, it is crucial that companies minimize their fixed and recurring obligations. Key examples are facilities and personnel. Running lean requires each employee to be accountable for their role, which is usually accomplished through the creation of policies and protocols and building simple methods to assess accountability.

What Makes Our Business Strategy Program Unique?

Our owner, Justin, has started and runs several small and medium-sized businesses. Having been trained in the sciences, he takes a very scientific approach to organizing companies. In his own businesses, he has had great success building businesses that are fully capable of running seamlessly if he, as the owner, were to take a couple of weeks off. He has also learned from countless strategic mistakes. Our goal is to help your organization avoid the mistakes we’ve made and implement the things that we have found work really well.


ThinkBig started in 2008 and was acquired by Justin Hoopes in 2017. In 2018, ThinkBig launched their new platform for POD marketing where even more services could be offered to clients. In our POD program, we apply the fundamentals of the sharing economy to make full service marking attainable for every business, whether marketing a small business or bigger. Business strategy is a special service available to every member of a POD that requests it. Not everyone is looking for suggestions on how to run their business, and we are not trying to tell you how to run your business. However, if you feel like an outside perspective may help you become more efficient, our team is led by Justin Hoopes, who has personally run several successful businesses and is eager to share his successes and failures so that you are more likely to succeed. The philosophy of every ThinkBig POD is to be a hive of industry. Busy bees always looking for the best way to help businesses get the maximum return on their investment whether that is through modifying strategy or something else.

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