Your Brand Identity is:

  • The Value You Offer
  • The Services You Provide
  • Quality They Can Expect
  • Summed Up in a Logo


Most people associate brand with their logo, but there is an important distinction.  A logo is a simple representation of your brand.  A way for someone to immediately recognize your company.  Your brand is the emotion that hearing your name or seeing your logo evokes in someone.  Your brand identity is forged through personal experience, intuition, hearsay, reviews, friends, etc.  A branding strategy is your plan for creating the desired perception.  Much of marketing is centered around this strategy as this is how you produce the greatest return on your investment. A shoe in a “Nike” box will sell for considerably more than the same shoe in a white box.  This premium comes from the trust that the brand name instills in the shopper.


Building up your brand identity is one of the best ways to produce long term revenue.  As you build a positive brand reputation, the amount you have to spend on marketing goes down, the perceived value of your product/service goes up, and clients start coming to you.  Every new program at Think BIG begins with an analysis of your business strategy and brand identity. We then craft a plan to convey your identity in the look of your site, the way you communicate with customers, what to post on social media, how to respond to reviewers, etc.  Branding strategy is available to every member of a pod and adherence to the strategy should be checked regularly.


Think BIG started in 2008 specializing in search engine optimization.  In 2018, Think BIG launched their new platform for pod marketing where even more services could be offered to clients and we apply the fundamentals of the sharing economy to make full service marketing attainable even for the small business.  It is important to us that every business build their marketing program around their brand identity. Our team is lead by, Justin Hoopes; a veteran of e-commerce who has personally ran several successful online businesses and has added his personal wealth of knowledge to the unique branding experiences of everyone on the team. The philosophy of every Think BIG pod is to be a hive of industry.  Busy bees always looking for the best way to grow your brand.


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