Improve your Amazon Advertising Results with Quartile!

ThinkBig Sites continues to evolve and provide marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Quartile is an example of services available for Amazon sellers and how ThinkBig can implement and improve selling on the Amazon platform.

Amazon Advertising has become increasingly more complex and competitive. Quartile is a supportive Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) platform, relying on next-generation machine learning to reduce average cost of sales (ACoS). The design of Quartile is fundamental to boosting Amazon sales and reducing advertising costs with proprietary software that uses performance data that leads to real-time changes. This advertising API is based on automated algorithms that operate through a complex series of high functioning and efficient algorithms. The Quartile features are as follows:

Campaign Management

ThinkBig will create individualized campaigns for specific product inventories to be evaluated on a monthly basis. We define your top ACoS and let the Quartile software perform the automation process. Quartile adjusts on a case-by-case basis to maximize the reach and effectiveness of your advertisements.

State-of-the-Art Data Analytics

Data analytics with Quartile are a source for evaluation and lead to improved decisions. Quartile is constantly developing new features that allow you to optimize your data-driven decisions, causing you to be more successful with your Amazon experience.

Keyword Automation

Quartile has developed a data-driven approach to keyword discoverability and automation. The improvements lead to spending efficiency, improved sales, and visibility based on accurate numbers and analytics.

Smart Ads

Another benefit to Quartile is the ability to create “Smart Ads” that have higher conversion rates as compared to manual advertisements. The improved conversion rates are based on the Quartile patented algorithms leading to campaign optimization resulting in improved success.

Industry Leading Optimization

Quartile uses historical data to improve return on dollars spent on Amazon Advertising. The approach is based on automated optimization of bids, product placements, and consistent adjustment to campaign budgets.

ThinkBig Sites uses Quartile to adjust campaigns and manage the overall performance, which leads to optimized results for Amazon sellers. These campaign adjustments could include updates across keywords, target products, bids, budgets, and placement targeting. For example, in Sponsored Products campaigns, if a keyword in a campaign has an ACoS above a 100%, the system will automatically lower the bid to try and improve the overall return on that particular keyword.

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