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PODs are teams of specialists that are your full service marketing support. Our teams have all the skills needed to execute a well-rounded marketing plan including design, SEO, PPC, and more.  We call these teams PODs. Clients have a monthly allocation of hours to use with any of the resources on the team. Work with the marketing director to build a strategy, and the director will execute the strategy throughout the month.


Success in business is accomplished through the core principles of engaging, adding value, and delivering on promises. That is your brand! Marketing is the plan through which you make consumers aware of your brand. ThinkBig started as a Search Engine Optimization Company where the primary goal was to increase traffic to your site. However, SEO is only one piece of a well-rounded marketing plan. PODs were created to help small businesses gain access to all of the resources needed to execute a solid marketing strategy. We were finding too many small businesses wanting more traffic but not having the right message on their site to convert traffic into clients. We also found many clients neglecting highly effective traditional forms of marketing in favor of getting more traffic on their site. We built PODs so that every business could have a custom tailored marketing plan and have the resources to execute the strategy.


PODs are full-service marketing teams with a variety of skills and expertise. Housed in one location is every skill needed to execute a robust marketing strategy. At your disposal are experts in Link Building, SEO, Marketing, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Content, PPC Advertising, Website Design, Website Development, Amazon Support, Sales, and Network Administration. POD marketing significantly drives down the financial and time costs of executing a solid marketing strategy. In POD marketing, your program has seasoned experts working on your program for 1/3rd to 1/5th of the cost of the same experts hired independently and with most of the team housed in the same room for maximal synergy.


POD marketing starts at $995/mo. It is a goal driven program where the team is always working to accomplish the monthly goals of every client. Each client is allocated 20 hours of expert time per month, but our team is always working on client projects and will do more work as they have free time.


If you know you are going to continuously need more help than you can get on the $995/mo plan, you can upgrade your program before the month begins for $40/hr if we have sufficient staff to support the work. You would meet with your marketing director and plan the additional goals. If you find you need extra hours in the middle of the month, you can request additional hours at a reduced rate of $50/hr. However, additional hours requested during the month may be outsourced to an external team. If you need full-time dedicated support, you may want to consider our Remote Marketing program for the best service at the best price.


Our philosophy is to remain focused on goals and accomplish as much as possible in the time we have each day. There are countless un-calculable hours committed to clients each month including supportive staff, supervisors, email, reporting, etc. However, when you meet with the marketing director to plan work, he/she will estimate the number of hours needed to accomplish each goal and plan out efforts based on the estimated hours needed.


Most companies using the POD program need to rebuild their website, get their content optimized for marketing message as well as search engines, and get their social media programs set up the right way. Starting a new website is usually the most pressing issue and is also the most time-intensive part of the process. We created an estimator to help you determine how many professional hours it will take to get your new site live.


An example scenario:

A local business targeting local clients only (i.e. Local Auto Repair shop) needs a complete site rebuild. This program would start immediately with a backlink program (typically targeting around 5 high quality backlinks per month). We start there and keep the backlink program running continually because it is the foundation of SEO and also takes the most time from start to finish. In addition, we would complete a full evaluation of the website for the appropriate target market and development for the business.

We would then do a business/competitor analysis, which would be conducted by the marketing director and owner. The marketing director then develops a marketing strategy with short and mid-term goals including target keywords for SEO, marketing message, brand identity, value proposition, and goals for each page of the site. They may recommend a new domain name. For a local business, we highly recommend setting up accounts with every major directory and review site and using review monitoring software to manage feedback from clients about your company to control your reputation.

The marketing director strategizes a successful design for each page of the site. The graphic designer may build a brand logo that is consistent with the look and feel the client wants to convey. The content writer would then work on the content for the key pages, and the SEO expert would review the content and refine with SEO in mind, but only after the marketing message and value propositions have been properly positioned on the page. Simultaneously, the graphic designer would design infographics, video,  and other visuals to reinforce the message and value proposition. We prefer to get the site live as quickly as possible and refine over time, but this part of the process is mostly driven by the client’s preferences.

Once the design is approved, the site is sent to the developer to implement on the specified backbone (i.e. WordPress). Hosting is free with ThinkBig and is recommended for everyone who has their site rebuilt by us. With the site live, we would then turn our attention to optimizing the existing content for SEO, setting up advertising if desired (Facebook, Instagram, Google AdWords), building social media presence, providing continual content to social media and website, and also working on traditional marketing efforts such as fliers, Valpak ads, loyalty programs, email lists, and banners.

This video illustrates the difference between what we do and what others may do. No matter how you slice it, building a site takes time and the more time spent, the better it is.

As the saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day,” and it is just as true for your web presence. If we assumed that everything mentioned above only takes 1 hour each to complete, it would still be over the monthly allocation of time. However, writing good content takes days to craft and review. Creating engaging graphics takes hours, and a single video ad can easily take between a day and a week to complete depending on complexity. Our team members are experts in their fields and are very efficient, but quality work takes time.

ABOUT ThinkBig

ThinkBig has a culture of caring. To work here, every employee must adopt the “I Care” philosophy and wear a name badge every day as a constant reminder that PODs are built to serve. ThinkBig started in 2008 as a search engine optimization firm, but we found that many clients needed more than just SEO to succeed. It was hard for the owner, Justin Hoopes, to watch businesses spend money reaching out to prospective clients without a clear strategybrandinggraphicsweb designsocial media plan, and more to support their efforts. To address this issue, in 2018, ThinkBig launched POD marketing where we apply the fundamentals of the sharing economy to make full- service marking attainable for every small business.  PODs are a team of specialists in the key areas that each business needs to effectively market themselves. Team members are no longer driven by billing but by a genuine desire to see you succeed.





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