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Where we started, where we are, and the work we’ve done (TBS) is a website optimization firm and overall internet marketing company that was created in March of 2007 to meet the overwhelming needs of an ever-growing online community. The inherent belief at ThinkBIG, was that the world´s leading internet marketing companies and website optimization firms were simply not providing clients with what is required to increase their targeted web traffic and ultimately increase their profits.

ThinkBIG was formed specifically to fill a niche market for small and mid sized businesses that, while enormous in number, remain mostly underserved. Since inception, we’ve been thinking outside the box while conventional website optimization firms continue to use antiquated methods. And while they may provide their clients with attractive websites, they leave them with little to no online, search exposure whatsoever.

THE AQUISITION – In December of 2016, thinkBIG was aquired by a private entity out of New York, Mr. Justin Hoopes. Along with an incredible resume (PhD in virology, serial entrepreneur, E-Commerce specialist, and an unspeakable IQ) Mr. Hoopes took into consideration all aspects of the existing thinkBIG strategy, methodology, and client base then made the necessary adaptations in order to see continued success.

This decision included the hiring of marketing veteran, Carrie Mae Sorensen as CEO. Together, the duo restructured the company to what it is today.

Although the vast majority of clients at thinkBIG would be classified as small to mid-sized businesses, the intellectual property asset of the company has developed to cater to businesses of any size.

The new thinkBIG is comprised of world class marketers, SEO specialists, internet business consultants, Web Designers, and Pay per click experts.  Our services have expanded from the basic offerings of any firm to the “ala carte” needs of the small businesses owners who may not have the budget for a monthly package.  As well, we can add to the success of large enterprises through handling their online marketing efforts in an effective, efficient, and integrative manner.



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