Web Marketing and SEO Mentorship

This program costs $100/mo or $50/hr. This program is for small businesses that want to do their own marketing and SEO but need direction and support. We meet regularly to develop strategies, provide tools/resources, and guide your efforts. You do the work between meetings.


The Web Marketing and SEO Mentorship Program was developed to help a small business be in control of their own internet marketing initiative. Marketing is the lifeblood of most businesses, but it requires a smart strategy and continual improvement to keep a business growing. This program was designed as an alternative to our POD program. A successful internet marketing program is best described as engaging. When visitors engage with your content, it means they find value in your offerings. Engaging marketing starts with a good strategy, modern web design, and optimized content (including website, social media, ads). In the POD Marketing program, our team of experts do the work for you.  Whereas in the mentorship program, you meet with our team of experts who will do more than tell you what to do, they will do the work along side you, teaching you how to develop engaging designs and content. This program is ideal for those who are either on a tight budget, want more control over their content, or have had too many bad experiences working with SEO firms to trust another one. Take on marketing confidently backed by the support of a seasoned team of experts.


In most remote marketing programs, an individual will serve many different clients. ThinkBig built the POD Marketing program to serve the needs of clients that are not ready for full-time dedicated support. This program is about taking your marketing to the next level of having a person that eats, sleeps, and breathes your project and only your project. They are employed by us but they report to you and take marching orders from you; while our team provides all the knowledge, oversight, resources, and support they need to be successful. You have the advantage of being able to hire full time dedicated marketing with the added productivity of that employee being part of a seasoned marketing team.

Why Group SEO and Marketing Together?

ThinkBig started as an SEO firm but has since changed its focus because we found that most small businesses needed help with much more than SEO. SEO is for sites that already have a well designed website that converts traffic and now needs more visitors, but the majority of our clients, don’t have optimized sites, optimized content, or the right messages in their titles when they come to us. We took a holistic view of internet marketing when we built our POD programs and our mentorship programs. The idea is simple; look at where your program is now, solidify where you want your program to be, identify what is needed to get your program there, and make a plan to get it done.

In the mentorship program, our team will develop the same strategy as if you were in the POD program. For many, the first thing we will do is show you how to make changes to the content on your site, or modify the site design. Then we will focus on simplifying what you do and establishing what makes you different (your value proposition) and incorporating these values into the content of your site (title, description, graphics, etc), while preserving the important keywords for SEO.

We will also help to set up a social media strategy, build ad campaigns, and even help with your Amazon storefront (if you sell products). Plus, because backlinks are still very important to your search engine rankings, we will help you secure backlinks or you can use our link-building service to have us generate backlinks at the discounted rate of $30 per high quality backlink. Our goal is to point you in the right direction and give you ALL the tools and knowledge you need to be successful.

Fundamentals of SEO

SEO can be quite complicated or it can be very simple, depending on how you approach it. If you go to backlinks.io, you will see there are over 200 factors known or purported to be involved in the Google ranking algorithm. Trying to make sure your site addresses everything on the list is not only overwhelming but usually not the best use of your time. For most websites, your Search Engine Optimization strategy can be simplified into 2 simple principles: links to your site and content. Content is what makes you eligible to show up in a search result and links give you credibility, which helps you rank higher in search results. Beyond that, most businesses should actually put more focus into the presentation of their marketing message. The Title and Meta Descriptions are the two most important pieces of content on a webpage. This is what a person will see in the search results and consequently what will be used to decide whether to click through to your site. While title and meta description are also important for SEO, where we may differ from other SEO firms is our belief that your brand message should be given priority over keyword stuffing. Tell the searcher what you do and how you are different. Use keywords carefully to establish relevance around the central message. If you can’t use a keyword when telling them what you do, then you either need a different page to tell a different message or that keyword may not truly be relevant. Then, build a page around answering the questions in the mind of the person that clicked through the link. A well-designed page informs visitors and directs them towards their next logical step.

How Search Algorithms Work

Many of the largest websites on the internet are search engines at their core with each one having different criteria for establishing relevance. Instagram, Google, and Amazon are 3 diverse search engines geared for different purposes. To understand each search engine, you must understand the main objective of the searcher. In the case of Amazon, the primary goal of the user is to buy a product. Consequently, Amazon’s search engine is designed to serve up the products someone is most likely to buy. Therefore, fundamentally, the best ranking products on Amazon are those which are most likely to convert to sales. Every other factor including price and reviews impacts rank by improving conversion rate. Google has a more difficult challenge in that there are searches for information, products, and services. Because the goals are not as single-minded as they are on Amazon, the system has to be more broad.  Originally, Google was built around the same principles that the scientific industry uses to rate the quality of a publication, namely references. In science, everything you say must be backed up with either data in your paper or by a reference to the original publication of the data. If your data is referenced a lot, then your data is assumed to be more valuable than data that is rarely referenced. Likewise, Google looks at how often other sites refer/link to your site and how credible the linking site is. The higher the quality of the linking site and the more links you get, the more credible your site is. Google ranks sites in search results by keyword relevance and credibility. The fundamentals of SEO for Google are to establish keyword relevance and increase site credibility through backlinks.


Every good program starts with a strategy focused around your end goal. Is your site trying to sell a product or a service? Then, knowing your goal, build your website around your key marketing message. Specifically, tell the visitor very clearly what you do, what makes you different, and why you can be trusted. These are the 3 main questions everyone has when making a decision. If you can, it is always better to answer these questions in video or in a visual form rather than text as it is much easier to convey your message, and your message is more likely to be remembered. Once you have your message down, then fill in around that message with a lot of content. Not only does the additional content help to answer other questions the visitor may have, but content contributes the important keywords that help Google establish the relevance of your page to a searcher. Then, keep adding more content (blog), keep sharing that content (social media), inspire others to share your content (backlinks), and use data to refine your message (analytics).


Marketing and SEO are professions. 10 years ago, companies figured out how to game the system and reduced SEO to a simple formula. The formula worked so well that sites did not really need to focus on Marketing to succeed. However, that time is dead.  Google cannot be manipulated in a formulaic way anymore. Now, Marketing and SEO must work hand in hand to build the right content. It is part science and part art, and it takes years to perfect. That is why we hire only professionals that have dedicated their lives to their creed.


ThinkBig started in 2008 as a traditional SEO company. In 2018, ThinkBig launched their new platform for POD marketing where even more services could be offered to clients and we apply the fundamentals of the sharing economy to make full-service marketing attainable for every business, big or small. SEO remains a core service offered to every member of a POD but in 2019, ThinkBig introduced 2 new SEO programs designed for new businesses and small businesses that don’t have the budgets for full service marketing or don’t trust SEO firms to have their best interest at heart. The first program is our mentorship program where we act as your mentors, not just telling you what to do, but showing you and, when needed, assisting you as you run your own program. Plus, we offer performance-based SEO for clients that already have a well-designed website and primarily need help getting traffic to their sites. Rates are provided at a nearly 70% discount until we meet performance goals. This is our way of proving to you that our professionals know what they are doing.  Our team is led by Justin Hoopes; a veteran of e-commerce who has personally run several successful online businesses and has added his wealth of knowledge to the unique experiences of everyone on the team. The philosophy of ThinkBig is to be a hive of industry. Busy bees always looking for the best way to help businesses get the maximum return on their investment whether that is through search engine optimization or something else.

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