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As low as $30/link. For businesses that want to supplement their SEO efforts. Every Link from High Domain Authority sites surrounded by unique content.


If you are actively looking for link building services, you already know how important link building is. Backlinks are the fuel that powers any SEO program. The two key elements to SEO are content and backlinks. Content makes it possible to show up in a search result and backlinks give you the credibility so that your rank improves. If Google has to decide between two identical sites, it is going to rank the one with more links higher, because it assumes that one is more trustworthy. A great educational article can be found at


We have 3 different type of links. Each tuned to deliver the best ROI. The first program is general backlinks from any kind of site. These are links from high domain authority sites (usually 30+). They are high domain authority for the price with the tradeoff being we don’t control the content on the page and we do not allow you to have specific phrases in link (writer will decide). For the price, these links are the best we have found for increasing domain authority consistently and have been proven to consistently increase DA and search traffic for our clients. The second program is category specific sites for building category-specific backlinks. They cost more, but for B2B sites, they are more valuable than links from generic sites. The last program is our influencers. These are very costly links but are some of the most valuable links from sites with large followings and will bring immediate traffic to your site along with improved domain authority.


$50/link for 1-10 links, $40/link for 11-20 links, and $30/link for 21+ links.  Most sites are DA30+, many will be DA40+. All will be permanent and have unique content. Our SEO firm used to use FATJOE (probably the largest blogger outreach program used by SEO agencies) for link building until we built our own connections for higher quality links and felt like we offer better services for a fraction of the price. We also welcome agencies but have limits to what we can do each month. See rates here.


$75/link for 1-10 links, $60/link for 11+ links.  Domain Authority varies between 20 and 60, but you will only get links from the target Industry. These links are best for B2B companies that need to establish relevance in a specific field.


Price varies per link, but typically between $150 and $300 per link depending on the demands of the reviewer. DA varies and price is typically determined by the number of followers/link for 1-10 links, $60/link for 11+ links. This is a great program for those who have products and need to establish both DA and credibility for their products. We have a great story about this program. Call us sometime and we’ll share it with you.


ThinkBig started in 2008 in the heyday of SEO when a simple recipe could rank any site almost overnight. Long gone are those days and in 2018, ThinkBig launched their new platform for POD marketing where we make full service marking attainable for every business. Link building remains a core service offered to every member of a POD, but in 2019 as we put more focus on our holistic approach to marketing and enabling others to succeed through mentoring businesses in marketing. Our team is led by, Justin Hoopes; a veteran of internet commerce who has personally run several successful online businesses and has added his wealth of knowledge to the unique experiences of everyone on the marketing team. The philosophy of ThinkBig is to be a hive of industry. Busy bees always looking for the best way to help businesses get the maximum ROI on their marketing dollar whether that is through search engine optimization, social media, or better engagement.





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