SEO conceptThose who have been successful at SEO have learned a few key things – first, that the process of search optimization is ever-evolving and must be treated at such; there can be no such thing as holding steady and working the same campaign for an extended period of time; and second, that there are many, many components to successful SEO.

Of course on-site SEO is crucial and that has seen its fair share of changes over the years as search engines change their algorithms and internet users becomes more sophisticated. The inclusion of relevant, optimized (but not overly optimized) content has continued to grow in popularity in the face of search engine changes. Google especially wants to see content that is relevant to the reader and informative – not pandering for the sake of page rank.

But good, solid SEO – these days – is dependent on more than on-site work; there’s more that must be done to really propel a site forward. And in this day and age, that means a strong and compelling presence on social media. Sure, Facebook and Twitter continue to reign supreme in terms of online social connection – and it’s important that your website have a presence on each – but there are other social media platforms for businesses to help raise awareness and ultimately increase web traffic. Look for industry-specific social media opportunities, as well as local options for connecting with customers both on and offline.