What is POD Marketing?

PODs are teams of skills/services that are at your disposal for any type of support. Whether that be people with special skills or valuable software. When you join a POD, the people in that POD become your employees and team to direct at will.

How the Sharing Economy Works

We use the sharing economy to keep PODs affordable. The POD members are your employees to direct at will, the cost is based on how many businesses the POD is allowed to serve. If a POD serves 10 businesses then you pay 1/10th of the cost of the POD.


“Small Businesses … should allocate 7 to 8 percent of their revenues to marketing.”



Success in business is accomplished through the core principles of engaging, adding value, and delivering on promises. That is your brand! Marketing is the plan through which you make consumers aware of your brand. ThinkBig started as a Search Engine Optimization Company where the primary goal is to increase traffic to your site. SEO has always needed to be done as part of a well rounded marketing plan to produce the greatest impact for a website. However, we just don’t see firms offering an affordable full service marketing plan for small and medium sized businesses and too many businesses flounder as a result. To give clients what they truly needed, something had to change!

“Your Marketing budget should never be based on just what’s left over once all other business expenses are covered.”



PODs are a group of people that have the marketing skills to execute a well-rounded Marketing Plan. When your business joins a POD, team members become your employees dedicated to every aspect of marketing your business. The sharing economy is then applied to this POD to drive down costs. A full team dedicated to marketing can easily cost a small business much more than your monthly revenue, but by sharing this team with similar (non-competitive) businesses, costs come down and everyone wins.  View open PODs and pricing here.

Lawrence Trujillo headshot

Lawrence J Trujillo, MBA


Lawrence Trujillo is a business professional that has a wide variety of engagements in marketing from local grass-roots campaigns to expanded international marketing campaigns. He has served in roles such as business development manager, general manager, marketing director, and a variety of other marketing and leadership roles. Currently, Lawrence is the Owner and CEO of ThinkBig Sites.

ThinkBig Sites is a digital marketing agency focused on website design, search engine optimization (SEO), paid-per-click (PPC), e-commerce, Amazon, and many other marketing activities. The marketing agency has specialized in helping companies enhance and expand their marketing efforts. The team at ThinkBig becomes an extension of the company for strategy and implementation leading to an improved digital presence and more conversions.

Lawrence has demonstrated his support of education by achieving a lifelong goal and graduated with his MBA from the University of Arizona in 2011. He has accomplished another goal with the acquisition of ThinkBig Sites in April of 2021. Lawrence is a driven leader working to expand on company strategies and providing input to aspiring organizations. He has a passion for transparency and helping companies advance their marketing goals.




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