About Our Company

Not to brag, but we think we’re pretty great.

full service Agency

Whether you need an infographic or a full service marketing strategy, we can help.

Forward Thinking

We believe that static strategy means death. We commit ourselves to developing new concepts.

Professional Solutions

Because the internet world moves so quickly, we must forsee and adapt to changes.

Customer Support

Our world revolves around the success of our clients, without constant communication we can’t help. 

Where are we?

Is utah even a real state?

Logan, Utah. Yes, we know that Logan, Utah may not seem like the most common place for an internet marketing firm to be head quartered.  We arent’ going to lie, every once in a while we dream about smog, city traffic, and real estate expense. We ultimately decided that we’d settle for beautiful mountain scenery, clean country air, and a 10 minute commute from all of our homes and families. Based near Utah State University campus, we are able to bring in well-educated interns and begin training them in the art of online marketing, maticuliously developing a winning recipe.

What’s our why?

In all things, there must be a why.

ThinkBIG is founded on the simple principal that there is more than one way to contribute positively to the world. We see our actions and services as helping those who are passionate, courageous, and smart enough to start their own business and develop it. In a world of people who only talk about success, we are in the business of helping those who truly want to achieve it.  

Our services

Being a full service firm means we are developed professionals in a multitude of areas. For you to see our specialties are, we have broken out our current clients into single service categories, so you can see where we fall.

  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 92%
  • Content Contribution 72%
  • Customer Retention 97%
  • Social Media Management 51%

who runs the show?

perhaps you’d like to meet her

Carrie Mae Messerly, our fearless leader and chief executive officer. Carrie Mae is a Utah native, born and raised with an entrepreneurial spirit. By the age of 22, she was a bestselling author, had built and sold 2 companies (in the oil and gas industry) and began consulting with Private Equity firms to assist in the development of intellectual property asset and business development. Her straight edged moral compass drives every decision made on behalf of the company, and she is unwavering in her commitment to make our clients our number one priority.


Just good marketing strategy

We are laser focused on what matters: your business success. We specialize in customizing marketing strategies to ensure our efforts contribute to improving your key performance indicators and overall business goals. From the initial conversation, through the deployment of our services, we will discuss your brand, your story, and develop a method for creating systematic continuity. At thinkBIG we know that simply having exposure, is not enough. It’s about having a story, and telling it in the correct way, to the right people, over and over again.

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