What is POD Marketing?

How the Sharing Economy Works


About ThinkBig

Lyft, Airbnb, and Dogvacay are just a few examples of the bursting and bustling share economy. These businesses are all designed to reduce cost and increase effectiveness. While many types of industries are represented, we happened to notice one was missing: Marketing. Well, not any longer.

Welcome to the new ThinkBig; where small business achieves big business market power by combining forces and sharing assets. The centerpiece of this new ecosystem is what we call client PODs. Groups made up of a limited number of clients, served by a dedicated team of specialists – whether it be in SEO, marketing strategy, digital strategy, messaging, web design or advertising. Clients utilize the PODs, paying a low, fixed fee and are able to take advantages of any or all services, at any time.

You know what they say – the more we share, the more we have.


This is the big thinking behind the new ThinkBig.

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Pod Services

Each program starts with marketing strategy and branding. A web design is created, which focuses on presenting your value proposition in a memorable way and then your POD goes to work consistently building content, engaging on social media, optimizing the site, managing SEM, and supporting all your marketing endeavors.

Pod Pricing

The cost to join a POD is based on the number of clients the group serves and the cost of the specialists in the POD.  Pricing starts at $995/mo for the local small business POD. As your needs grow, you can move into a more specialized POD that serves fewer businesses or even build your own custom POD.


What our clients have to say

I’ve worked with several different SEO companies–some good, some not so. But none has been as effective as ThinkBIG. I have a niche’ business, and they continually do deep dives into it and the market, and constantly come up with ways to get me seen in a sea of others.

Susan – Owner, Malone Editorial Services

I have recently started working with the team at ThinkBig and they have been great! They listen to what I have to say and keep me informed at all times. We are working on SEO and they just designed an elegant logo for our site Diamonds Jewelry and Gifts.

Kathie – Owner, Diamonds Jewelry and Gifts

All thinkBIG Programs

Performance-Based SEO

This program is for those who need more traffic to their site and are confident that the current site will convert visitors into buyers. It is all about getting more traffic. Only $200/mo until the traffic goals are met and $600/mo afterward. Learn More about Performance SEO.

POD Marketing

This is an all-inclusive Marketing program designed for businesses that need help with all aspects of marketing but cannot justify the costs of having a dedicated marketing team. At only $995/mo, when you join a POD, every expert in that POD is available to work on your project. Learn More about POD Marketing.

Remote Marketing

Full-time, salaried dedicated marketing director working 40+ hours per week on your project. For the business that needs dedicated marketing but prefers the advantages of their employee being mentored and supported by a team of marketing experts. We will hire and train a marketing manager to work exclusively on your project under your direction. Learn More about Remote Marketing.

SEO Mentorship

For the small business that has time and is willing to do the work but needs the guidance and support of a team to lean on.  We strategize, we teach, and we assist your internet marketing and SEO for only $100/mo or $50/hr.  We provide the training, tools, and can even help with link building.  Ideal for those on tight budgets or wanting more control. Read More about Marketing Mentorship.

Link Building

In 2019, we began making our network of bloggers and websites available to others outside of our POD program.  Backlinks are critical to every SEO program, and for larger clients with well established content, backlinks are THE driving force of their SEO efforts.  Starting at $30 per link, we only source high domain authority links for considerably less than Fat Joe. Read More about Link Building

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