ThinkBIG Organic SEO
Testimonials & Reviews

  • "ThinkBIG´s team has been very professional and easy to work with. They delivered significant results in a timely manner and their ongoing customer service has been outstanding."

    Jeff Beck
    Senior Managing Partner - IFG Insurance

  • "As a communications and web management director/consultant, my goal is to get my clients great, 1st page search engine results. While I consider sponsored (Pay Per Click) ads somewhat of a necessary aspect of any web presence, reaching 1st page in the organic listings is paramount to success. I´ve been using ThinkBIGsites for nearly two years to achieve this goal, and couldn´t be happier. In less than three months, my clients went from page 5 to page 1 and have remained there. Marc Arner and his team are wonderful to work with, responsive to my needs, accountable for their results and continue to improve their strategies as the dynamics of the web transform. I couldn´t be more pleased to recommend their services."

    Rosemary Roberts
    Girl On Point

  • "These guys delivered more than what they promised. They got us to the top of Google for our keywords in less than 90 days and we had stayed there ever since. No one else has been able to do that for us."

    Michael Yacenda

  • "I have been using ThinkBIG for several months now and I´ve seen several leaps and bounds with my SEO. They promised us top three "organic" positioning and delivered! Not only do they deliver in results but their employees are always friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I am constantly being informed and kept updated on the status of my site in the search engines. Watching my keywords hit the first page and position one especially is a real thrill and priceless for the quality of high level traffic it produces. Sandi, an extra thank you to you for all the special attention you´ve given our account, from the social networking and the blasts on Facebook! We´ve actually seen our orders grow 40% over the last 3-4 months and in large part it is due to the help from our friends at ThinkBIG!"

    Bill Kingston
    Owner of Crazydogtshirts

  • "With ThinkBIG we were able to cut our PPC marketing budget in half while doubling our lead volume as well. I would highly recommend ThinkBIG to anyone who is seeking better online marketing results."

    Stephen Bissonnette

  • "When the primary search terms for your area of business present some of the toughest competition locally, as well as on a nationally, you need help far beyond Google´s Pay-Per-Click ads and Sponsored links. Within the first two months, ThinkBIGsites effectively improved our ranking by 50% and continue to raise our overall search engine ranks for all terms in the organic listings. Great to work with, on top of their game, and fitting well within our conservative budget, I´m thrilled with their delivery."

    Rosemary Roberts
    Communications Director

  • "When I was first contacted by Sandi Parker of ThinkBIGsites, I was nowhere to be found on any of the search engines. Skepticism was at the forefront of my mind because in working with supposed SEO experts in the past I had been burnt time and time again. Within 60 days I had spiraled to the Glory Land of Google´s Page 1 for my keywords. I began my campaign with 3 keyword phrases and have since upgraded to 7 keyword phrases with unbelievable results every single time. Not only does ThinkBIGsites exceed my ranking expectations but the Customer Service is exceptional at every turn. My total experience with Sandi and ThinkBIGsites has been an utter joy and would recommend ANY of their services to any and all potential clients."

    Amyn Pabani
    Owner - Shoe Ocean

  • "Just wanted to say your company has been super professional and helpful throughout this campaign. We love how everyone is genuinely wanting us to succeed and are giving us updates on everything you guys do. We would definitely recommend ThinkBIG to anyone that is looking to start SEO efforts for their business."

    Rove Concepts

  • "ThinkBIG has literally done what they said they would do, which is refreshing to say the least in today´s business environment. I applaud their efforts and look forward to a long and lucrative relationship. If needed, I will also act as a reference for the ThinkBIG team."

    Frank Key
    President - Purest Colloids, Inc

  • "To all the Team Members at Think Big Sites,
    I would like to extend a big thank you to all for giving my site some upward momentum. If I hadn’t found Think Big Sites when I did, I think my future in on-line sales was about to crumble. You have accomplished amazing results in such a short few months. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to an amazing holiday season. Thanks!"

    Charlene Boots
    Gift Collection Warehouse

  • " has been our Organic SEO firm since January of 2010 and they´ve done a great job for us so far regarding our organic rankings. In fact, "candy", which is our most competitive keyword, reached the #1 ranking on Google within just 3 months of hiring ThinkBIG,which I think is amazing! Our rep, Jeff Grahn does a great job&is very responsive to our needs. It´s hard to find a good SEO company that actually gets the job done and I can assure you that ThinkBIG not only getsresults, but does it at a very fair price. I will be glad to act as a reference for the ThinkBIG team going forward."

    Greg Balestrieri
    CEO - Candy

  • "Exceeded expectations. Reliable, professional, courteous. Delivered the goods."

    Michael Levy
    Online Rewards

  • "ThinkBIG´s process has increased our website inquiries 10 fold in under 60 days. Your strategy is amazing and your service is truly one of a kind. I will gladly act as a reference for anyone who would consider engaging ThinkBIG for your SEO and web design services."

    Kathy Bazeghi
    Owner, Oregon´s Best Mortgage

  • " is the best. I have so enjoyed my experience with all of you. I would be more than happy to tell everyone how happy I am and you are more than welcome to use my praise for a job well done. Again, thanks for a job well done! "

    Charlene Boots - owner
    Snowy Creek Gifts, LLC

  • "After many years of struggling to find an effective internet marketing company that I could count on, I was beginning to think that no one could help us. Then we were approached by and within just one week they had us on Google´s page 1. This result was a completely unexpected pleasant surprise. I recommend ThinkBIG to any company trying to increase their internet exposure."

    Richard Galvin
    President - Valucomm Technologies, Inc

  • "I just wanted to thank you for the amazing job your company did for our organization. We have increased our internet presence immensely since working with ThinkBIGsites. Our keyword search is working wonderful and our social search optimization has become much more uniform and easier for consumers to understand.
    I would recommend ThinkBIGsites to any company who is willing to invest in their future and wants to increase their internet presence tremendously."

    Candice Giel
    Thomas V. Giel Garage Doors

  • "ThinkBIGsites got us on page one of Google with a couple of keywords in less than one month. We had never been on page 1 before, even though we had paid a LOT of money to another SEO firm. All the personnel we have dealt with - sales, principals and technologists have been responsive and professional. We are hoping for bigger things from TBS as time goes on!"

    Bill Ramadei
    Employee Based Systems

  • "The team at ThinkBIG has been outstanding. Although our keyword phrases are very competitive and difficult to get highly ranked, TBS has shown a great ability to create search engine traction in only 8 weeks. Because of this, we have chosen to go forward with the program and act as a reference account as well if needed."

    Charles Stewart
    IT Manager - Clear Debt Results

  • "Our company competes in the highly competitive area of legal marketing. Thanks to´s system we have seen a significant jump in our ranking on both Google and MSN. Based on these results, I firmly believe that offers a solid product that produces quantifiable results."

    Nate Robinson
    An Attorney For You

  • "ThinkBIG Sites is the ultimate professional partner. Thanks to the outstanding team led by Andrew Sangiovanni, we were up and running with an effective search campaign in a matter of weeks. Excellent communication, collaboration and a targeted approach led to five consecutive, double-digit sales growth months in a row. Many thanks for helping our new company grow!"

    Keith M Wood
    Managing Director

  • "I would like you to know how pleased I am of the extra effort taken by Clayton Geiser. Through his impressive knowledge, professionalism and his ability to make both my client and myself feel confident, we have expanded the use of your service offerings. We initially started with your SEO package and have since added your pay per click, adwords and website redesign to name a few This was a very easy decision based on our interaction with Clayton and his demonstrated knowledge and insight. I have many clients that could benefit from your services and my interactions with Clayton makes me feel confident in introducing my clients to your services."

    LaSondra Gray
    Managing Director - The Barrington Group, LLC

  • "I am extremely excited and amazed by the work you and your team at ThinkBigSites have accomplished in such a short time. Our web visibility has gone from being virtually nonexistent, to page one and two on Google searches in about three months. Your staff has been competent and professional in crafting a strategy to improve my search engine rankings. Over the years I have spent a lot of money on web advertising and I’ve never been sure of the value I was getting. Your results however, are easily measureable, visible, positive and pleasing. I finally feel like I am getting the results I have been looking for, and traction in a highly competitive market. Please thank your entire team for their efforts, and I look forward to continuing our partnership, and improving our web presence."

    Tom Beresford

  • "The team at ThinkBIGsites has been absolutely extraordinary in their results and customer service. I never imagined that they could get my company ranked on Google´s page 1 as quickly as they did, and so I have to sincerely congratulate and compliment them on a job very well done. I would be glad to act as a reference for ThinkBIG going forward."

    John Collins
    President - The Extreme Group, Inc

  • "I honestly wasn't sure what results to expect out of the first three months, but I am shocked that we have already made it to the first page of's also nice to see consistent progress on all of our other keywords as they have continued to make their way to page 1 also. ThinkBIG provides clear reporting and Pete Stone gave us realistic expectations before we signed up.
    Pete, Thanks again for your support, advice and close communication throughout this process! You have helped us break further into the LED lighting market with results in both the US and Canada!"

    Kevin Shepherd
    Back To Earth Energy, Inc.