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What are Social Media Marketing Services?

Everyone has heard of social media. You can’t even turn on the TV or radio without hearing about Twitter, Facebook or MySpace. Many businesses believe they should participate in social media and even understand the benefits, but with so little time already, it’s hard to manage in-house. If you represent a small business facing this problem, why not consider hiring ThinkBigSites to help you manage your social media accounts?

What are the benefits of Social Media Advertising?

The fundamental difference between Social Media Marketing/advertising and traditional advertising is the ability to interact with your clients. That alone allows you the opportunity to increase your brand awareness and helps build a better reputation for your business online. By integrating social media into your online marketing campaigns, you are adding a personal touch that reaches an audience that may be inaccessible any other way.

Why choose ThinkBigSites for your Social Media Consulting?

Many Social Media Agencies offer creation and maintenance services, but they lack the skills required to ensure your profiles and content are optimized for not only your clients but the search engines as well. Our Social Media Solutions consider your client base AND your search engine needs. Fully optimized profiles ensure you receive the full benefit of both direct client interaction as well as search engine visibility for increased organic rankings and website traffic.

ThinkBigSites offers Dedicated Social Media Packages:

Our packages include a dedicated worker who will become familiar with your products, services and unique client base through a series of questions you answer. Your Dedicated Social Media Consultant will suggest the best sites for you to reach the largest audience in your niche. After the profiles have been created, each month your Consultant will work hard to continue to build relationships, link to important pages within your site, talk about your brand and help you cast a wider spread net on the web.

Social Media Marketing Elements

Each of our comprehensive social media marketing packages includes five key elements that drive the activity and dialogue, which makes social media an effective marketing medium.

  • Strategy Development

    Our social media experts dedicate time at the beginning of your program to determine an effective social media strategy based on your organization’s responses to questions included in our start up questionnaire. Your answers help us determine who to target online, how to research content for syndication, and help our team best position your company across your chosen social networks.

  • Content Research, Brand and Keyword Monitoring (available a-la-carte)

    Our social media optimization team dedicates time to scouring the web for the most popular, and useful content related to your business and industry online. Social Media experts develop a library of content to utilize as a part of your social media program by monitoring current buzz on social networks, tracking your keywords using tools such as Google Alerts and Social Mention, and following buzz from industry experts and top industry related resources. Each package level includes time allotted for research and monitoring to help best position your company through social media channels.

  • Interaction (available a-la-carte)

    One of the best ways to drive traffic to your social profiles is by listening and participating in conversations that happen both on your page/profile and on the pages and profiles of industry groups and organizations across both Twitter and Facebook. Interactions can be purchased incrementally in blocks of two per network per day (six days per week). Interaction blocks service dialogue on both Twitter and Facebook, and one interaction block is included with each of our packages.

  • Network Building (available a-la-carte)

    Our team of social media experts dedicates time each month to searching for individuals across social networking platforms that fit the criteria for your target audience. We conduct targeted searches to identify potential new followers and take steps necessary to engage with them in dialogue and connect them to your social networking profiles. Each of our social networking packages include time dedicated to this valuable element that helps you find beneficial individuals to connect with online.

  • Monitoring of Key Performance Metrics

    Each month your team receives a report of performance metrics such as number of clicks, retweets, traffic sources, network growth, and other interaction statistics. These metrics help your organization determine ROI, and monitor the reach and impact of your social networking activity over time. Our team monitors these metrics daily to identify subject matter that drives interaction within your target market.

Dedicated Social Media Packages

The monthly program management packages listed below incorporate three primary components required to maintain an active presence online. Elements include time dedicated to social network building, content research, daily social updates, and monitoring of key performance metrics. These components facilitate the primary functions of a social media marketing program, which include communicating, connecting, collaborating, and collecting.

Packages by Level of Service Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Creation Amounts
E-mail Creation
(unless client provides)
email creation email creation email creation email creation
Social Site Profile Creation
(or optimization if already created)
3 5 8 12
Blog Creation and Template install
(See al-la-carte pricing for upgrades)
N/A 1 1 2
Strategy Development strategy development strategy development strategy development strategy development
Keyword Research keyword research keyword research keyword research keyword research
Daily Updates 1 per day, per network 3 per day, per network 3 per day, per network 3 per day, per network
Daily Interactions 1 per day, per network 1 per day, per network 1 per day, per network 1 per day, per network
Blog, Video, and Photo Posting blog, video and photo posting blog, video and photo posting blog, video and photo posting blog, video and photo posting
Network Building 30 minutes per week 45 minutes per week 1.5 hours per week 2.5 hours per week
Content Research 30 minutes per week 45 minutes per week 1 hour per week 1.5 hours per week
Monitoring and Monthly Reporting of Key Performance Metrics key performance key performance key performance key performance
Brand/Keyword Monitoring through Google Alerts/Social Mention - - keyword monitoring keyword monitoring
Blog Article Writing - Each post is a minimum of 600 words - 2 per month 4 per month 8 per month
Link Boosting
Standard Social Network Links 5 10 20 20
One Way Links - PR 1+ - 5 20 50
Monthly Costs $1,499.00 $2,999.00 $4,999.00 $6,499.00
Get Started Get Started Get Started Get Started

**No set up fee, set up costs are integrated into the monthly fee, therefore a 6 month commitment is required

Dedicated Social Media Packages Explained:

Social Media Level 1

The level 1 package is perfect for businesses with more basic social media needs or for those looking to establish an initial social media presence on three social networks. This package encapsulates all the elements necessary to run an effective social media program. Your social profiles are updated once per day with a link to your website, blog, or an industry related article. Each week, our experts spend 30 minutes researching the buzz happening in your industry to help build a library of third party links to share with fans and followers. To maximize visibility, 30 minutes per week will be dedicated to growing your network. If you have multimedia content generated by your company we can post this to your social networking profiles. All profiles are boosted with five additional standard links.

Social Media Level 2

Our level 2 package is a great fit for businesses looking to supplement their social media needs with basic blogging activity. We create and manage profiles on five different social networks, and update each network three times daily with each of our three standard link types: blog, third party, and company website links. Additional time is allocated towards building your network, and researching your industry. To help keep your content fresh and feed your social marketing engine; we create a custom blog and generate two professionally written, 600 word blog articles per month. This social media marketing package is supplemented with 10 one way PR 1+ links, and 10 standard social network links.

Social Media Level 3

Level 3 social media marketing is a great fit for businesses with the goal of maximizing their reach across many social networks, while maintaining an active blog. Eight different social networking profiles will be updated three times daily with our standard link types, with a significant amount of time dedicated to researching your industry and growing your networks. Our social media team creates a custom blog that is updated weekly with a 600 word blog article. To amplify the SEO value of your profiles, our link building team boosts your profiles with 20 one way PR1+ links, and 20 standard social network links.

Social Media Level 4

Our most robust and comprehensive social media package available, the level 4 social media package facilitates your presence on 12 different social networking sites. With three daily updates, two blog articles published weekly, maximum time dedicated to network building and research, the level 4 package emphasizes the viral impact of your social media program. To further extend your reach, this package includes 20 one way PR 1+ links and 50 standard social network links.

Other New Media Services Available:

YouTube Optimization

You Tube is currently listed as the number two search engine on the web, and its impact is far reaching when coupled with social networking activity. To help businesses capitalize on the SEO and social networking value of You Tube, we offer YouTube Optimization services. Included in optimization is the following:

  • YouTube Profile Creation
  • Network Building: favoriting others work, friending members that fit the criteria for your target audience, and playlist creation
  • Video Editing: In video links/SEO friendly comments

Flickr Optimization

Like YouTube, Flickr is a powerful social networking tool and SEO tool for companies that would like to include photo sharing as a part of their overall online marketing and social networking strategy. The following components are included as part of your Flickr Optimization strategy:

  • Profile Creation and Maintenance
  • Network Building: favoriting others work, friending members that fit the criteria for your target audience
  • Photo Optimization: SEO friendly descriptions and tags, adding and migrating photos to sets and groups

Facebook Promotions Wildfire App

According to recent research the number one reason why individuals connect with a company or brand online is because of coupons, promotions, and special offers. To help our customers benefit from this trend, we offer Facebook contests and promotions through Wildfire Interactive. The Wildfire App allows companies to run promotions without violating Facebook’s strict terms of service and risking deletion of a Facebook page or profile. We recommend running a promotion using either the standard or premium Wildfire package. Both packages include custom graphic design, and allow companies to collect actionable data from entrants that can later be leveraged with email, direct mail, mobile, and other channels.

Standard Package with banner

  • Wildfire Rates $25 per campaign/ $2.99 per day
  • Banner creation
  • Contest Management

Premium Package with landing page

  • Wildfire Rates $250 per campaign/ $4.99 per day
  • Landing page creation
  • Contest Management

Social Media Design Package

Help your company stand out from your competitors with custom branding that makes an impact. Our complete social media design packages accentuate your products and services, while extending branding elements into social media channels. We create custom graphics designed to meet the specifications of each unique network. Included in our comprehensive package:

  • Wordpress Blog
  • Facebook Landing Page
  • Facebook Sidebar Banner
  • Twitter Background
  • YouTube Background

We also offer the design package above without a Wordpress Blog design.

Custom Facebook Sidebar

Custom Sidebars are the easiest way to create brand recognition on Facebook. Sidebars appear along the left hand side of your profile, and usually incorporate branding elements and highlight your primary message along with any applicable products and services. Sidebars replace the small square thumbnail image that serves as your profile picture.

Custom Facebook Tabbed Landing Page

Custom Facebook Landing pages welcome new visitors to your Facebook profile. It is similar to the homepage of your website and allows you to create links and incorporate a call to action. Available landing page options include basic copy, website links, share buttons, newsletter opt-in, blog stream, embedded YouTube videos/channels, Flickr photo streams, contact forms, and Twitter streams. For a custom quote to create a complete Facebook microsite with multiple tabs hosted on your welcome page, please contact us.

Social Skin Design for Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace

Twitter, YouTube, and MySpace allow for custom backgrounds that can be custom designed with your branding. Custom branding makes your profile stand out from your competitors and helps users quickly identify your brand, your product or service, and call to action. Custom design on these networks is standard protocol for maximizing your impact on these social networks.

Branded Banner Frame for Third Party Social Media Links

As a part of your social networking package, we incorporate relevant third party links to help establish your company’s expertise in your industry. Most companies lose their branding when they share a third party link and redirect their audience to an outside source. To help maintain your brand, we offer branded banner frames that appear directly below the internet browser navigation bar when someone clicks on a third party link from one of your social profiles. Banners are clickable, and can incorporate a call to action of your choice. This is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website, newsletter landing page, blog, promotion, or Facebook page.

Custom Logo or Social Media Icon Design

If you don’t have a logo or perhaps don’t have a square logo that fits well on your social profile pages, we can create four different versions for you to choose from. This logo serves as an icon that appears on your main profile and is visible to visitors of your profile. This is the most basic way to extend your brand into your social networking profiles.

Blog Article Writing

Our professional copy writers and bloggers research topics related to your industry and write 600 word, SEO friendly articles at intervals of your choice to help keep your blog newsworthy, and your website high in search engine rankings. Articles can be chosen by us or by your organization, and can be ghost written or come from a guest blogger.

Blog Comment Management

If you find lots of comments on your blog and you need help maintaining the dialogue, we can moderate your blog on your behalf by screening comments for spam, approving or disapproving new comments, and responding to interaction as needed.

Blog Comment Marketing Package

Comment marketing involves commenting on other people’s blogs, forums, and news posts. Blog comments help get your name circulating in the blogosphere, establish your company as an information resource, and they help build relationships with other site owners. Our blogging specialists can create new comments for you in increments of two per day, six days per week. You can purchase as many blocks of comment marketing as desired. Please note that comment marketing may or may not include links, and serves the function of relationship building through online dialogue as opposed to a blog specific link building strategy.

Social Media Consulting

For companies that would prefer to manage social media marketing on their own, but aren’t sure how to do so correctly and effectively, our social media experts are available for one on one or group training sessions. Please contact us for a quote.

SMS/Mobile Marketing

Over 79% of the US population is a user of mobile devices, which makes it one the most accessible marketing channels available. With advancements in smart phone technology mobile marketing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing new media marketing technologies available. We currently offer a variety of mobile marketing services including: SMS/text messaging, QR Codes/Microsoft Tags, mobile websites, coupons, billing, payments, and mCommerce. For a custom quote or to learn more about what mobile marketing packages we have available to supplement your social media and online marketing initiatives, please contact us.

Do you have a custom requirement or request? Not to worry, because all of our products and services as well as our Social Media Packages are fully customizable. Please ask for a custom quote by calling: 888-300-1496