What Makes ThinkBIG Such A Unique SEO Company?

After many years of industry leadership, ThinkBIG has correctly determined that an SEO plan cannot be “One Size Fits All”! A successful SEO plan has to be customized and specifically tailored for each individual client to meet their own online requirements. It’s simple: “Cookie Cutter” SEO plans DON’T WORK! In fact, every website has its own “DNA”, its own industry challenges, competition level, keyword difficulty, search traffic volume and much more…This is precisely why ThinkBIG offers all clients a customized plan. It not only ensures greater SEO success but also greater search ranking longevity. Clients can also determine a comfortable monthly budget and ThinkBIG’s experts will develop a customized SEO plan to meet that budget. ThinkBIG can help any client, whether it be National or Local in scope, in any industry and with any size budget imaginable!

30 Days FREE: ThinkBIG also realizes that customers have many different SEO companies to choose from – some are good but most are completely incompetent! For that reason, we offer our clients 30 Days Of FREE SEO Service to prove we are serious about gaining a client for life! We are willing to invest our own resources and many man hours to ensure a long term relationship. Only the best SEO company can make that offer!

So with a customized SEO solution and 30 Days Of FREE Service to boot, you could effectively remove "All Doubt" in your next SEO campaign by hiring ThinkBIG to get the job done right the first time out! No More Gambling On Your Internet Marketing Vendors!

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National SEO Services

You will NOT find a more complete solution anywhere else. Our national SEO plans are designed to dominate on a national level. Each of our plans are custom and include the following components (and more),

Keyword Research - Any effective website marketing strategy relies on selecting the right keywords. Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Choosing for the "right" keywords can make or break the success of your campaign. Since keywords play a critical role in the SEO process, our Targeted keywords are researched and chosen based on what you are offering, where you are offering it, and the volume of people searching for your products and services. Our keyword analysis process will determine the keywords that (a) fit your business best, (b) will increase web site traffic from prospects in your target market and (c) have and overall positive effect on your sales. We will provide you with a written report that includes the list of recommended keywords, as well as an estimate of the number of people who search for those keywords each month and the Google Competition as well.

Meta Tags & Content Recommendations - Once we land on a list of mutually agreed upon keywords, we will start putting together a report which will include recommendations for all the targeted Meta Tags, Heading Tags, Content, New Pages, etc… for the website. We prepare these recommendations after carefully analyzing your top competitors, current trends and current Google competition. We then implement those recommendations upon your approval.

Website Audit Report - This report will include all of the technical issues currently found in your website and determine which must be addressed from an SEO perspective. The report will not only highlight these issues, but will also contain appropriate solutions to remedy them.

  1. Buzzfeed Submissions – It is the best platform to virally spread content across subject areas
  2. Social Bookmarking - We will be bookmarking the URLs of the website into the best, high PR (page rank) social bookmarking websites.
  3. Business Profile Listing - We will be creating profiles on the top, free profile listing websites.
  4. Article/Press Release Writing and Promotion - Our dedicated team of professional writers will write articles and PRs for your website. The write-ups will then be distributed to the top rated, high PR (page rank), article and news publishing websites.
  5. Social Bookmarking of Published Write-Ups - We will bookmark the URLs of top PR (page rank) articles and Press Release publishing websites.
  6. Local Marketing - We will be creating, optimizing and maintaining profiles on some of the best, free local listing profiles available today, including Google Local.

Branding – Branding has become a critical piece of the overall SEO puzzle. A proper branding solution can be successfully achieved by using all of the major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… working in conjunction to increase your overall, online brand name awareness.

Shares, likes, follows, and +1′s are all known to positively impact overall ranking for a website. Hence we have included Social Media in our process. Once the initial analysis phase is over, we will start using these platforms to promote your services, brands and or products through consistent "Posts", "Tweets", "Updates", etc… We will not only post updates and or comments, but to make the process even more interactive, we will also create and upload banners & infographics as well. If required, we will also create Fan Pages, Custom Landing Pages,etc…

Videos and Images– These are very powerful tools for building your brand and marketing your business, it is the most engaging type of content that you can create.

YouTube has various ways for ranking your videos, which include things such as the relevance of particular search keyword phrases, the number of comments, the number of likes and shares etc...

Hence, we will be using all these platforms to work in concert:

  1. Add new videos/Images
  2. Optimize the new, and the current videos and images as well
  3. We will bookmark them into high PR (page rank) social bookmarking websites.
  4. We will create RSS feeds and then submit them into RSS submission websites.

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Local SEO Services

The potential to attract new customers via Local Search is NOW LARGER THAN EVER! Online Search Engines and popular websites have forever changed the way we make decisions online. Businesses that have a strong online profile tend to greatly influence potential customers. Every day, Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and BING influence billions of people around the world in their decision making process. Current research shows that there are well over 10 BILLION unique searches done each month, and that’s just in the United States! Of those searches, over 20% of Desktop queries have Local intent. You do the math! With OVER TWO BILLION unique “Local searches” performed every month on Google alone from Desktop computers in the United States, there’s a VERY good chance your customers and prospects have looked or will look for you online. When they do, it is ESSENTIAL that your company is easy to find!

Since 2007, ThinkBIGsites has helped “thousands” of businesses increase their online presence. We have developed a “proven” formula that works and works fast. Our packages are designed to get you maximum online exposure and often show results in as little as 30 days. Our “Custom Local SEO Packages” are ideal for businesses that want to attract NEW customers within a particular geographical location (town, village, city, or county). Using our one of a kind proprietary formula, our team of professional SEO experts will strategically create and/or optimize your business profile on dozens of the most popular sites for local search on the web. Each business is different and requires a customized approach. Our methodology DRAMATICALLY increases the chances of your customers finding you.

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