Targeted Web Traffic

Phase 1 – Kick-Off Call (TBS) offers guidance in all facets of internet marketing in an effort to help our clients’ sites achieve more substantial and targeted web traffic. Just as with traditional marketing, not every method of online marketing is appropriate for every client. Each company has its own objectives and needs and the corresponding vehicle by which their goals can be achieved While one client may see a maximized return through search engine optimization, another may see it through PPC management, and yet another through website optimization. At TBS we specialize as an internet marketing company and work on a case by case basis to examine the unique challenges of each of our clients and identify the marketing methods that make the most sense in terms of helping them reach their specified goals. Ours is not a cookie-cutter approach to online marketing; but rather a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy that will deliver sustainable results in terms of elevated online exposure, more effective branding of the company as well as its products and services, and a significant increase in targeted web traffic overall.

Our goal is not just to increase web traffic to our clients’ sites but to increase the number of potential buyers visiting the site which will result in a greater likelihood of converting visitors into customers. Through our proven marketing methodologies, the TBS team of internet marketing experts offers clients a variety of different avenues to achieve this targeted web traffic.

What do we see in terms of results from our processes? Greater branding of a company, higher online visibility, improved website rankings on the search engines, increased website traffic, a better conversion ratio and a growth in business for our clients. But reaching targeted website traffic, more than anything – no matter if you are engaging in search engine optimization or pay per click advertising – is the critical component for a most successful Internet marketing strategy.

A traditional marketing company would never put up a billboard for their services along a road in another state where they do not do business. What good would that do? Sure, it may be a well traveled road. But if it is traveled by those who are not interested in your services, the message is lost. The same goes for internet marketing companies whose client's websites want to deliver their message through an online marketing campaign in order to garner more website traffic. What good is a prominently displayed message if the audience seeing the message is not in the market for those products and services? Targeted marketing matches the message with the proper audience; something that TBS is committed to doing for each of our clients through highly focused SEO campaigns and PPC campaigns.

The Internet marketing strategy that we develop for our clients is meant to do more than increase website traffic; it is meant to attract targeted website traffic – putting customers in the hands of businesses and therefore maximizing profits on a consistent basis. ThinkBIG is committed to insuring that every dollar spent by our clients is spent wisely and effectively and thereby generating a sustainable and consistent return on investment (ROI).

Take a look at our SEO results or SEO testimonials to hear what our clients have to say about our internet maketing strategies. With programs that increase website traffic, such as optimized press releases, email newsletter service, and website optimization, it is easy to see why we are ranked as one of the top professional seo companies in the world!