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ThinkBigSites will create a red hot, customized version of your website to be easily viewed and navigated from all Smartphones and other mobile devices. Your new mobile site will pop with features like, "automatic click to call", "auto sync", "map and directions" etc... to increase your odds of converting each and every visitor.

  • Fully optimize your website for mobile devices

    Turn your existing website into a mobile money maker.

    A great mobile website can double or triple your online traffic and sales instantly! Our team will build your mobile site to be compatible with not only the most popular smartphone operating systems such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows, but with the latest mobile browsers as well. Your mobile site is also guaranteed to appear properly on all HTML5 mobile phones. Our technology is always one step ahead of the curve as the major manufacturers develop larger and larger screen sizes, your mobile site will always appear correctly.

  • Auto sync to your main website

    Make changes to your main site and your mobile site will be automatically updated in real time at no additional charge.

    When ThinkBigSites builds your mobile site, it will automatically sync up with your main site to always reflect any changes made to the content, images and or text in real time. This feature ensures that your mobile visitors will always see the current version of your main website from their mobile devices. In fact, every time a visitor comes to your mobile site, ThinkBigSites does a comprehensive search for any updates and then displays them immediately so your visitor doesn't skip a beat! Auto sync is included in every mobile site we build.

  • Click-to-call Button

    Customers will now be able to click the Call Button and contact you within seconds.

    A Click to Call button that jumps off your mobile home page is essential – Why? Because it will get your phones ringing off the hook. In one click, your customers can now instantly connect with your business in seconds. In fact, after 2 years of extensive research on hundreds of mobile sites, ThinkBigSites has determined that the majority of folks who access a mobile website will then click to call that company. This of course, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

  • Make your business SMS ready

    Now you can instantly send your mobile site customers a text message with all your business information.

    Stay in touch with all your mobile site customers through short text messages designed to ensure that everyone who clicks this button will have your company information with them at all times. They'll have your website URL, business name, phone number, street address and e-mail address all conveniently stored in their Smartphones for easy, future access.

  • Mobile Map with Directions

    Give your customers a mobile map with easy to follow directions to your business.

    Making it quicker and easier for people to find your business location is critical to your success. A simple click of the Maps and Directions button gives your mobile site visitors a map of your location. With the use of their Smartphone GPS, they will be given easy to follow directions leading them directly to your front door.

  • Mobile analytics

    Measure and monitor all web traffic and visitors to your mobile site.

  • WordPress and Blogger friendly

    Is your site built in WordPress? No problem, ThinkBigSites will ensure that your WordPress site is displayed properly for optimal usage.

    ThinkBigSites's mobile platform is strategically optimized to accommodate all blogs built on the most popular blogging platforms available today. ThinkBigSites can develop and design an eye popping, customized version of your blog that will easily surpass the appearance of most standard or typical blog designs you've seen in the past


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$299Setup Fee &
$14.99 per month

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