Rules of Online Competition, Part I

Succeeding online boils down to effective online marketing; success in this case is not a destination that you reach but rather a journey that is successfully navigated. The long and short of it is this – there is a competition continually brewing online between web sites – many of which are competing for the same business. It used to be that there would be one or two web sites online that spoke to a particular audience but now the online market is all but flooded with competitors. Everyone understands how important it is to establish and manage their online presence; it represents an overall business in an environment where most of the consuming public now looks for its information. Ignoring your web site can be the kiss of death for any business. So how do you engage successfully in online marketing and grow your online business as a result? Like anything else, it helps to know the rules of engagement.

Strategy – The game in this case is online and the prize you are playing for is web site traffic. Ultimately the gatekeepers to reaching that prize are the search engines. The engines will examine you and rank you according to their very specific algorithms and it helps tremendously to work with a web site optimization firm that knows those algorithms and understands how quickly things can change. Consider this the most important game of chess that you have ever played – your moves matter but so do the moves of your opponent and in this case your search engine allies.

Leadership – Someone has to manage the chessboard from moment to moment and it likely is not you as you are already engaged in the business of running a business. This is where the help of professionals becomes strategic and necessary. Don’t skimp on management; find a web site optimization firm that has proven leadership experience.

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