Smart Web Traffic, Part II

In the last post we talked about how web traffic and smart web traffic are two different things. While it has always seemingly been the goal of web sites to generate more web site traffic the real work has been in trying to generate more appropriate web site traffic. What good is it to flood a web site with visitors who are not in the market for that site’s products and services? At the end of the day this doesn’t make the business any money. At the same time this is exactly what web sites are opening themselves up to when they simply launch a site and don’t spend any time or energy in online marketing. A web site optimization firm can help a web site not only put a strategy together that will help elevate their rankings on the search engines but will also help them reach out to an audience that has the potential to grow their business. Here’s how it’s done.

A web site optimization firm will help a company embark in online marketing in whatever capacity they are most comfortable. For instance, the company may want to engage in an SEO campaign – an organic search engine optimization campaign in which case there is not only the choosing of keywords but also the optimization of pages on the site and often a strategic linking campaign. Another company may wish to pursue web site traffic through pay-per-click or PPC in which they purchase their top spot on the search engines. In either case the magic rests with the keywords; the right keywords can deliver smart web traffic, the wrong keywords can deliver traffic that is only confused when they arrive because you don’t offer what they want.

Work with a strong and reputable web site optimization firm to identify those keywords that will give you a pinpoint accurate way to reach the appropriate people – to generate smart web traffic.

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