Rules of Online Competition, Part II

In the last post we talked about competing online – finding your niche in your chosen industry, recognizing your competitors and engaging in the competition according to strategic rules of play. Those who are successful online understand how important it is to align themselves with professionals that can offer true leadership in this arena; a web site optimization firm that knows the rules, what you’re playing for and how quickly those rules can change. Previously we discussed some of the things that are important to know when engaging in successful online competition including understanding strategy and finding ongoing online marketing management that has proven leadership experience. Strategy differs for every web site but includes some combination of search engine optimization, pay per click and a variety of other strategies that may include linking campaigns, optimized content, optimized video and more.

Some of the other things to consider when you’re getting into the online marketing game include:

Flexibility – There is no science to online marketing – it is about knowing the market, knowing the search engines, accepting the fact that things change on a dime and being able to adapt seamlessly. Ongoing online marketing management should include working with a team that is comfortable within an environment that is always changing.

The Element of Surprise – Any good battle can be won with the element of surprise. Online marketing doesn’t have to predictable and it should never be cookie-cutter. Look for ways to present a product, announce news and create a buzz while still honoring search engine optimization techniques. A reputable web site optimization firm will work with you to create a strategy.

Pick Your Battles – Not every battle needs to be fought. For example, while a number of competitors seem to have cornered the market on a particular keyword phrase it doesn’t mean that you have to compete for it when it may be too highly competitive and require too much of a financial investment to see any traction. Look to your web site optimization firm to provide sound advice and alternative means to capturing your audience’s attention.

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