Is Organic SEO Really Enough to Increase Website Traffic?

Organic Search Engine Optimization is a term that people usually refer to as a description of on site and off site SEO practices that improve a website’s position in the search engines. Unlike paid methods of search engine marketing, like a pay per click program, organic SEO has to do with the steps a company takes that result in their site “naturally” moving toward the top of the search engine results, based on the search engines’ algorithms. As a method to increase website traffic this is an important tool.

A common misperception about organic search engine optimization is that a site owner has little control over the results. After all, if it is based on how the search engines find you naturally, then any effort to improve it could be considered “unnatural.” The truth is, Google and the other search engines, like Yahoo! and Bing, fully expect site owners to optimize their sites to be found by their crawlers. Some even provide helpful information to do so.

Just because you’re optimizing your site to increase organic web traffic doesn’t mean you are creating less natural search results. Just the opposite should be true. If you follow SEO best practices, you are optimizing your site for the keywords most related to your site’s content and purpose. So to optimize is to help people find relevant information, which is what search engines are all about!

It’s About the Content

Search engines obviously index your site based on its content. If someone is looking for a site to learn how to increase website traffic, for example, the search engines want sites, like Think BIG to be among the first choices when results are displayed. Why? Because it is likely that this site has valuable, useful information related to any search about web traffic. If you searched for an SEO topic and the search engine returned a result related to how to build a canoe, you’re not as likely to use that search engine in the future, and that hurts them, because they rely on internet traffic for their revenue too.

You might have heard the saying, “content is king.” This is true, but only if the content is useful and relevant. Making your content relevant is not only good for organic search engine optimization, but it is best for your site visitors as well. When someone performs an internet search, chances are, they’re looking for information. The only other possibility might be entertainment, but that could still be called information. If you do a good job of writing your content to provide the valuable information they are seeking, the search engines will reward you, and so will your potential customers.

What About SEO “Tricks?”

So, you’ve written great content for your site, but you’re still not moving up as quickly as you’d like in the search engine rankings. What else can you do to improve your organic search results, and are these methods really ok with the engines? As mentioned before, if your site is about the keywords you’re optimizing for, it is completely ok, and expected, that you employ tactics that improve your chances of a higher ranking.

When a company puts a pay per click program in place, no one calls it cheating that they are at the top of the search results. The same goes for companies that use known, acceptable practices to improve their organic rankings. Organic search engine optimization is a great way to get traffic to your site, and it’s one of the best ways to help the search engines’ users find the information that they want. It’s a win-win!

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