Benefits of Pay Per Click Campaign

Pay per click management has become a hot subject over the past several years. PPC, pay per click, is both cost effective and easy to measure, so there’s no wonder why. A well planned, well executed PPC campaign can give any company with an online presence a boost. It isn’t always inexpensive, but most businesses have realized a strong ROI (return on investment) when their PPC management has been handled by a quality internet marketing firm.

What Exactly is Pay Per Click?

You’ve seen PPC advertising, and chances are very good that you’ve clicked on it at some point. When you perform a search in Google or any of the other search engines, the first several results at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) were paid for. The owners of the websites those links go to pay a fee for every time someone clicks on their link. This is good for the person doing the search, as the company is undoubtedly related to what they were searching for, and the company that put the pay per click management plan to work is happy to pay the fee for you to click through to their site.

The amount someone pays for each click of their sponsored link depends primarily on the popularity of the search term or terms they are “buying.” For example, the term “barber shop in Bozeman MT” might only cost a few cents per click, while a broader, more popular term, like “hairstyles” will cost several dollars per click.

The Benefits of a PPC Campaign

To those who are well versed in the world of PPC, pay per click has a number of obvious benefits. To others, it might seem unnecessary to have to pay to be on the search engines, when using good SEO practices can get you there without paying.

To answer the question of whether PPC management makes sense, look at the large companies with an online presence. Some are spending over a hundred thousand dollars a month on PPC campaigns. If PPC wasn’t an effective marketing method, you would not see this, and in fact, the spending on PPC is increasing, so the evidence is clear.

Three of the primary benefits of implementing pay per click management into your marketing plan are:

▪       Low Upfront Costs – Other than a small upfront fee to activate your account with the search engine, the only cost for PPC is incurred when someone clicks on your sponsored link. You set the budget. So if you don’t have a lot to spend right now, you can start small and build as you see results. (Of course it should be noted that results will come faster the more you are able to devote to this process.)

▪       Immediate Results – With many forms of marketing, it takes a long time to see any results. With effective PPC management, you can literally see results the first day your campaign is implemented. As soon as your links begin appearing in the search results, the possibility of your campaign paying off is there.

▪       Laser Focused Targeting – With a PPC campaign, you decide who will be clicking through to your site based on what they searched for. If the keywords you’ve chosen are highly relevant to your business, you can be sure you are driving targeted, qualified traffic to your site.

There are a number of benefits not mentioned above, and any quality pay per click management firm can give you some great insights into why this medium is a great solution for any business looking to boost web site traffic – and their bottom line!

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