Finding More Web Site Traffic in a Crowded Online Market, Part I

If the online game was won simply by attracting more people to your site – even if they clicked on it and then almost instantly logged out – then the process of online marketing would be far more simple indeed. This, however, is not how it works because ultimately the point is to attract not only visitors – but qualified visitors – to your website; customers. These are the people who will grow your business – who will help you stand your ground online. But the question remains how to get them there. There is actually a two-fold phase in not only attracting web site traffic in a saturated market but retaining these visitors so that they may actually be converted into customers. This is always the ultimate goal. The first phase is positioning your site so that it may be discovered by your potential customers and this is done through comprehensive online marketing.

* Phase One. Web site owners that want to compete in a crowded market and make sure that their site is found by their potential audience need to make sure that it can be easily searched by the search engines. There are several ways to go about this – the choice of which is determined by what works best for the company. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which high rankings on the search engines is achieved organically. This is done by the implementation and management of a strategic SEO campaign that may include the selection of purposeful and relevant keywords, the infusion of those keywords into web site content, the application of a linking strategy, and more. Others may choose pay-per-click (PPC) that allows them to purchase a beneficial position on the search engines. Either plan requires diligence and a commitment to manage the process – to keep the page rankings high and people visiting the site. This is often done most effectively through the use of a web site optimization firm.

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