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ThinkBIGsites (TBS) has an extensive track record of delivering proven, safe, fast and affordable results to businesses of all sizes and types. Our full line of scalable solutions are small enough to accommodate the local business owner and large enough to impress any fortune 500 company. We think outside the box while conventional website optimization firms continue to go by the “old book”; and while they may promise you the world, they often leave you with as little online web presence as having a “billboard on the moon.”

ThinkBIG is a company on the cutting edge of Internet Marketing Solutions; while other service providers often focus on one area of website optimization, TBS looks at the whole picture; pulling all of the pieces of the puzzle together to create an attractive, functional, and streamlined website with a solid online presence that delivers targeted web traffic and a significant return on investment (ROI).

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Brett Davis

Profit Enhancement Director

Brett Davis

Brett Davis serves an international territory from his home in Bellevue, Washington. Prior to joining ThinkBIG, Brett’s marketplace experience was focused within the wireless, emerging technologies and telecom industries. He’s held a variety of management and major account positions at firms such as Alltel, Boeing, T-Mobile, and Western Wireless. He has also been involved with many faith based and non-profit organizations, including a stint as Executive Director of Junior Achievement in Seattle.

Brett believes in the “old school” value of delivering more than is expected to his clients. His total commitment is to the kind of service which builds long term business relationships to “Have Fun, Help People & Make Money!”

When you truly ThinkBIG about your company’s growth, you must take a close look at No other SEO/PPC firm brings the special combination of expert technical skill and close personal touch that TBS does when we’re privileged to represent you.

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"Organic" SEO

With over 85% of all new visitors to a website originating from a major search engine such as Google, Yahoo or MSN, it is essential that every business implement a search engine marketing campaign that allows customers to find their websites more easily. While most web site owners recognize the importance of a top search engine ranking for their business, very few have the search engine marketing knowledge or time required to ensure their web site is ranked above their competitors “organically”, while still achieving maximum return on investment.

Search engine optimization or SEO is the methodology for preparing a web page to not only be found when a keyword or keyword phrase is entered for a search but to be highly ranked as well. Social marketing combined with strategic inbound linking and “on page SEO” is the most powerful way to elevate your website’s search engine rankings organically. This will effectively brand your company and actively promote your business as being the unequivocal leading authority in your industry.

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PPC Bid Management

Delivering highly targeted web traffic to your site is our expertise. Our philosophy is simple….If you’re not successful, we’re not successful. Therefore, we place an extreme emphasis on superior customer service and measurable ROI results. Our commitment to you as a client is that we will manage your money as if it were our own to insure the highest level of PPC results possible. More than just driving traffic to your site, we have to drive the right traffic to your site. This attention to detail will help you convert visitors into customers at a very high level thereby increasing your bottom line profits. When potential customers find our clients websites on the major search engines, our clients see solid ROI results.

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Web Design

As high level website designers as well, we specialize in website design, development, and enhancement, ensuring that our client’s websites are of the highest possible quality in form and user function. Many web design companies can build an attractive website but what good is an attractive website that cannot get noticed by the searching public. As a premier website optimization firm, we are also able to take your site to the next level. By using our unique SEO/PPC expertise, ThinkBIG will help you realize the highest potential ROI possible through the Internet´s search engines – in a fraction of the time and cost that it takes other SEO/PPC companies to achieve. As overall marketing specialists we help our clients maximize their opportunities for success and even assist them in developing alternative revenue streams as well.

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“Think Big has literally done what they said they would do, which is refreshing to say the least in today’s business environment. I applaud their efforts and would recommend them to any business owner. I hired them to build our new website because of the solid SEO results they had delivered and I now use them for my PPC campaigns as well with excellent results. If needed, I will also act as a reference for the Think Big team.”

-Frank Key, President - Purest Colloids, Inc.